Are you looking to become
more efficient with your beekeeping hobby?

Would you like to expand, add more hives, make more money?

Do you need more markets for your honey?

Would you like to take your beekeeping to the next level?

Do you have a hard time managing the bees you have now?

Would you like to find a higher level of joy with your bees?

Would you like to show your spouse that your
beekeeping is a serious venture with the
potential to make some serious money?

Then you owe it to yourself to read

"Beekeeping With Twentyfive-Hives"

a new e-book that will help you make the journey,
find new markets, become more efficient, find new outyards,
make your own equipment, keep your spouse supportive.

There's a lot of money to be made in keeping honeybees and selling honey.  There's also a lot of time and energy wasted in the pursuit of that dream. 

A lot of people start out keeping bees, but only a few continue on, and fewer yet find the success they hoped and dreamed for.  Success at a level that brings in a respectable income is also desired.  But how does one go about finding this elusive level of production?

If you want to expand your numbers so your hobby becomes financially self-sustaining, even profitable, then you need to read my new e-book, "Beekeeping with Twenty-five Hives."

Even if you don't want to expand to twenty-five hives, but just want to find that magical, mystical "key" to working smarter instead of harder, you owe it to yourself to read this e-book.

With over twenty-five years of beekeeping experience, mostly as an aggressive side-liner with over 150 hives (and a full-time job, wife and three children), I put my knowledge and experience into print.  You can learn how to expand, find new bee yards, successfully market your product, become more efficient and hopefully truly enjoy your hobby.

But most important, you will learn how to discern your potential as you explore your purpose in keeping bees.  The number one question this manuscript will answer is this:

"What target am I trying to hit?"

Another way to put this question is this:  What do I want to get from my bees?  What do I hope to receive after I've invested my time and energy?  Am I doing the right things if I expect a great harvest?  Do I have what it takes?  Should I be doing something else?

And I will warn you right up front:  keeping bees is not for the procrastinator.  If you really hunger to keep bees, if you truly desire to experience the financial return, then you have to know your purpose. 

Don't waste your efforts pretending to be something you don't really want to be.   There's a difference between keeping four hives and twenty-five hives, and the difference is more than just more work.  It involves a shift in your perspective.

I will help you find your purpose, then reach those levels that you aspire to achieve.

A lot of beekeepers dream of making money at this hobby, but few are willing to ask if their actions are drawing them closer to what they hope to achieve.  A lot of beekeepers never really discover their purpose in life. 

Every year, many beekeepers with a ton of potential quit and sell their equipment.  They just couldn't find the key to unlock the so-called "secrets" of beekeeping success.  Perhaps this is the way you feel, but there is hope.

Are you interested in expanding your hives?  If you want to preview, for free, the table of contents and even begin reading the manuscript, there are links above in the left-hand margin.  Then if you desire, you can order this e-book by clicking on the order link.  What you will receive is an "e-book," a digitalized version of my manuscript.  It will be delivered by e-mail.

Thank you for your consideration of my e-book, "Beekeeping with Twenty-five Hives."

--Grant Gillard
     Jackson, MO

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Beekeeping with Twenty-Five Hives
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An e-book describing how to take your beekeeping hobby to the next level for profit, pleasure, a properous income and a rewarding outcome
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