Beekeeping with Twenty-Five Hives
Taking your beekeeping to the next level
for profit, pleasure, a properous income
and a rewarding outcome
Ordering Information

"Beekeeping With Twenty-five Hives" is an e-book.  There is no paper, no wasted trees, unless you wish to print it out yourself on your own computer. 

Your copy will be sent via e-mail so there are no postage fees or shipping costs.  You can read the chapters from the convenience of your computer, then print out sections you wish to read elsewhere.

To receive your e-book, you will need to supply me with a valid and working e-mail address. 

I have recently upgraded my software to include this manuscript as a .PDF file.  You will need a free download of Adobe Reader to read my manuscript.

If you do not receive the manuscript, it will be a result of your spam-blocker, anti-virus software, or anti-spyware programs.  If you receive your receipt from Paypal and not the manuscript, e-mail me back and we'll take it another method.

There are two methods to order this e-book

The First Method:  If you have a PayPal account, follow this link, log in and click on the "Send Money" tab.  Have PayPal send $19.99 to, and click the little circle to indicate this payment is for "Goods."

(I also have an account with

Please be patient as I do not have this e-book
on an "auto-responder."  When Paypal notifies me via e-mail,
I'll send your book out. 

You will first receive an e-mail from Paypal confirming
the receipt of your payment.

You will next receive an e-mail with the
attachments in a .PDF format 

If you receive the first e-mail, and not the others, please
e-mail me and we'll get everything figured out.

If you do not have a PayPal account follow  The Second Method:

The second method is to send me, via snail mail and first-class postage, a note with your e-mail clearly spelled along with your personal check (or cashier's check if you prefer) made out and payable to "Grant Gillard" in the amount of $19.99 to:

Beekeeping with Twenty-five Hives
c/o Grant Gillard
3721 North High Street
Jackson, MO 63755

You will receive an e-mail 
with the attachments.

Either way works for me! 
Enjoy and blessings on your beekeeping enterprise.

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